About Me

My interest about the Graphic Design started when I was 13 years old, at these year I finished a course in a institute names High Class.

Years after when I was 20 years old my interest for make web sites woke up and I started to study in internet in mode autodidact I finded diferents tutorials in blogs, a few videos and I practiced a lot, In those moment also I feeled atraction to 3D model and rendering in 3D Max Studio, I could make a work for a project to Argentinean like to Freelance.

Two years later I worked like Graphic Designer in a company names Cymaco Repuestos in a marketing departament, here worked during 2 years and I changed work to go to a company of computing and Software Develop, here work like to Front End and Graphic Designer.

In this company I learned a lot about HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, worked during 5 years (until 2014), after I go to a Digital Agency names Takeoffmedia.

Today I contining working in this Agency like to Web Developer growing me and learning every days new technologies like to Angular, React, Vue, Node and sharing diferents ideas with my partners.

If you got here, thanks for read my short story and sorry for my basic english, every days I practice and study this beautiful language in mode autodidact and really I try do the best possible.

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